Our design team has created a variety of logos for you. Our Barber & Butcher logo, our BB Blades logo and many more. The divergences are big, but the concept is the same. The factor style comes first.

Here you will find all our print T-shirts in various color variations. The goal of distorted people is to create the best t-shirts for a variety of styles. Our concept is based on two different cuts for the collar and the length and fit of the T-shirt. With the length and fit you have the free choice between our regular fit and our oversized fit. Our regular fit is characterized by a classic fit and straight hem. By contrast, our oversized fit is characterized by a slightly longer cut and a rounded hem. With our collar you have the free choice between our Cutted Neck and our Grand Crew Neck. Both versions are available with both the Regular Fit and the Oversized Fit. The Grand Crew neck collar reflects a stylish and fashion-conscious appearance. The Cutted Neck collar, on the other hand, shines with its filigree line and its pleasant wearing comfort.