We go vintage! 

Firmly convinced that vintage clothing should be an essential part of every closet, our design team has worked hard to create the perfect vintage-inspired collection according to our own distorted ideas.

To get the vintage look just right, we took our cue from the classic hard rock and metal "band tees" that were hugely popular in the 70s and 80s and are the epitome of vintage clothing today.

We paid special attention to details like the frayed inside-out seams, a washed-out look of the different fabrics and deliberately fucked-up prints to make the collection as authentic as possible.

Our Vintage Spirit Collection consists of heavy oversized hoodies, oversized tees, cargo pants, sweat shorts, a flannel shirt and a dad cap.

As you expect from us, we've applied only the highest standards of quality to the heavy fabric, vintage prints/embroidery, and other details as well, so that our pieces will be part of your closet forever. 


Release the beast!